About beef

Beef is a great source of easily absorbed protein.


Because beef has got a nearly optimal set of exogenous amino-acids, their digestibility amounts to 70-100%.
Beef is also appreciated for its fat content, half of which is constituted by valuable unsaturated fats. Beef is also rich
in natural components, such as: iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, which is not present in plant-based products
. It is also rich in B1 and B6, is a good source of linoleic acid, which supports reduction of adipose tissue and protects muscles. Beef provides our bodies with L-carnitine, known for its positive influence on endurance and also helpful in the recovery process. All these nutrients make beef a very profitable component of sportspeople’s diet.

wolowina smak2Sensory properties of beef, they are a topic for... a poet! Flavour and aroma of beef are, in our opinion, unbeatable. Beef fillet, striploin or ribe eye steaks, will give you a chance to take delight in the highest quality culinary experience.

Fresh steak tartare or carpaccio… you will be licking your fingers! Because beef is
a high-priced product, striploin, rib eye, silverside, loin chop and topside, are most commonly used to prepare beef roulade, stew or cutlets. Beef broth is flavoursome, nutritious and will make, and keep, you full. Can you imagine cooking without beef? We cannot!

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