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Even though Poland, unlike Brazil, Argentina or the US, does not belong to the countries with rich traditions of cattle breeding and consumption of beef, our Polish beef is being given more and more recognition around the world. The meat is appreciated even though majority of polish farms focuses on dairy cattle and meat crossbreeds.

  • beef offal and beef elements (including but not limited to: neck, chuck, blade, topside, eye round, rump, knuckle, heart, cheeks, hanger steak, tripe, liver, thin skirt) with bones, or boneless, fat on or off, meant for B2B sector.
  • selected steak elements (Rib Eye, Fillet, Striploin) meant for modern sales channels and Food Service sector.

Some of the factors contributing to the popularity of Polish beef abroad are its sales by OSI POLAND FOODWORKS within the global distribution chain of OSI GROUP, as well as active marketing activities, for example participation is prestigious competition World Steak Challenge.

schematDuring the last edition of the competition, Fillet and Rib Eye derived from heifer, as well as Striploin derived from a Polish Black-and-White, Holstein Friesian breed of cows were awarded with gold medals. The jury also recognised Striploin derived from heifer, Rib Eye from bull, Fillet and striploin derived from cow (a Polish Black-and-White, Holstein Friesian breed), as well as bull fillet.

Considering the structure and traditions of breeding farms in Poland, the majority of purchases made by OSI POLAND FOODWORKS constitute dairy breeds: Holstein Friesian breed, Limousine, Charolaise, Simmental. Over recent years, there has been a noticeable growth in the quantity of purchased beef cattle, crossbred and pure-bred animals (Simmental, Angus, Hereford, Belgian Blue-White, Piemiontese, Limousine, Charolaise).

Besides the breed, cattle maintenance system, feeding, as well as slaughter, cutting and meat refining processes, such as aging, also play a crucial role in quality of the final product. OSI POLAND FOODWORKS pays attention to them all. Apart from fulfilling quality requirements stated by IFS and ISO2200 (read more in quality section), we have implemented our own systems, which include monitoring early stages of cattle development (read more in cattle breeding CULTIVATE) and production inside a slaughtering plant (read more in Production System BQS).

This is what brings Polish beef produced by OSI POLAND FOODWORKS to tables and plates around Europe and in Asia and makes our beef steaks conquer renowned restaurants.

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