Transport of livestock

Transport is a stressful experience for animals. OSI POLAND FOODWORKS promotes good practices regarding animal welfare, aiming at increasing the quality of transport,
to decrease the level of stress livestock has to go through.

Stressful journeys and harsh transport conditions can affect animals’ condition and their general well-being. Negative changes in animals’ weight, condition, hydration level, and consequently, quality of meat have influence on efficiency, productivity and profitability of sales. We operate in accordance with the rules of transport, paying attention to route preparation from the moment of loading to unloading. Our effective delivery notification system guarantees immediate unloading.

Transport of livestock to a slaughterhouse is organised with the help of the company’s own transport or through services of external partners. Having animals’ welfare and the highest standards in mind, all the vehicles are subject to frequent veterinary controls, the aim of which is ensuring comfortable transporting conditions and eliminating the risk of harm.

All drivers are obliged to participate in periodic trainings regarding observance of animals’ welfare during loading, transport and unloading. Our deep understanding of animals’ behaviour helps us eliminate the risk of harm or fear among animals caused by improper loading, unloading or transport.

All companies cooperating with OSI POLAND FOODWORKS Sp.z.o.o slaughterhouse, as well as, our own vehicles and their drivers are authorised carriers. They hold certificates of competency, certificate of animal transport and travel journeys, as required by veterinary guidelines.

Transport is organised in a humanitarian way and in accordance with domestic and international rules. As a direct correlation the quality of transport and animals’ ph level has been proved, the company implemented its own project aimed at reducing it. The project is run within the framework of promoting animals’ welfare during transport.

 What a breeder needs to know?

  • Transport is free of charge!
  • There is no minimum on animals we can pick up!
  • The animals will be picked up within three days from the date of declaring the sales.
  • It is your responsibility to prepare the cattle for transport.
  • Only cattle in good condition will be picked up. If you have any doubts regarding the condition of an animal and possibilities of transport, contact a veterinarian, caring for your cattle. They will assess the animal and grant, or refuse to grant, a permission for its transport,
  • A final decision regarding the transport is made by the driver, who has all the competences necessary for assessment of animals.
  • An animal that was prepared in a proper way, should have two sets of original tags and a passport. Verifying their compliance is an owner’s responsibility.
  • If you have any objections regarding the means of transport, handling of animals during loading or driver’s behaviour, send your observations directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 65 619 43 50.

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