BQS - Beef Quality Standard

BQS - Beef Quality Standard

logo bqsThe highest quality of beef produced by OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is guaranteed by our strict quality systems, including our own Beef Quality Standard- BQS, which encompasses breeding procedures, purchasing, transport, slaughter and cutting.

BQS-signed beef is characterised by the following criteria:

  • animals come from farms audited under the CULTIVATE” programme;
  • meat is derived from selected, young meat cattle and crossbreds of Polish origin;
  • there are transport and slaughter restrictions:
    • animals from different farms cannot be transported together;
    • limiting the distance- in case of direct delivery;
    • limiting the time between the delivery and slaughter;
  • the system operates only in case of beef quarters;
  • the system guarantees the ability to identify the origin of meat;



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