OSI Poland Foodworks - Jak przyrządzać wołowinę?
OSI Poland Foodworks - Jakie czynniki wpływają na jakość mięsa wołowego?
OSI Poland Foodworks - Jak rozpoznać wołowinę dobrej jakości?
OSI Poland Foodworks - 10-lecie OSI POLAND FOODWORKS
OSI Poland Foodworks - Regulamin Konkursu „Wyprawka szkolna”

Regulamin Konkursu „Wyprawka szkolna”

OSI Poland Foodworks - Dni Góry 2022

23-24 lipca odbyły się Dni Góry, w których mieliśmy przyjemność uczestniczyć jako jeden z sponsorów.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Targi w Pudliszkach 2022

W niedziel 10.07 odbyły się targi w Pudliszkach, w których mieliśmy możliwość uczestniczyć i zaprezentować swoją ofertę. 

OSI Poland Foodworks - Spotkajmy się na targach

Jest nam niezmiernie miło że po tak długiej przerwie od wydarzeń targowych w naszej branży, znowu będziemy mogli się spotkać.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Earth Day competition

On April 22, Earth Day is celebrated, considered the largest ecological festival in the world.

OSI Poland Foodworks - European Graduate Program

For our European Graduate Program, we are looking for dedicated graduates for our three divisions in Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland.

Are you passionate about sustainable food production? Do you enjoy optimizing complex processes and developing strategies? If so, we would love to meet you!

OSI Poland Foodworks - Easter Bunny in OSI

The Easter Bunny visited our plant and left over 250 packages full of sweets and healthy snacks for all children of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS employees!

OSI Poland Foodworks - Every % counts

The beginning of the year is the period when the process of submitting PIT-11 information by employers begins, and then the settlement of the annual tax declaration.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Cultivate - sustainable agriculture program

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS cultivates the values ​​of sustainable development, promoting the use of sustainable breeding practices. For quality assurance at the farm level, OSI GROUP has established a new cattle breeding program covering the entire supply chain.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Santa's packages in Chróścina

December 6th is a date well known to all children – Presents from Santa Claus!

OSI Poland Foodworks - Santa Claus has arrived at OSI!

This is another year in a row when Santa Claus does not forget about all the good children of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS employees.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Christmas card

December is a joyful time of waiting for Christmas. One of the many traditions is sending Christmas cards with greetings. To make OSI's card unique and original this year, we organized a competition for employees' children.

OSI Poland Foodworks - We support sport!

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS became a Partner of the LKS "Błękitni" Niechłód tennis club, which focuses on training young people, operating in Święciechowa.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Extension of the livestock lairage

One of the largest investments of recent years was launched in November 2019 at the Chróścina plant. The livestock reception warehouse, which will start operating in November, has been rebuilt.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Cycling OSI

Taking care of our own health, the environment and supporting charity activities are three important goals that we pursued by joining the nationwide Rower Pomaga (Bicycle helps) campaign. We travelled 13,000 km together!

OSI Poland Foodworks - Food Safety Days 2020

Food safety is the set of conditions and actions that must be taken during all stages of the food production and trading process in order to ensure the safety of life and health of consumers.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Polish farmer awarded with the McDonald’s Flagship Farmer title

Flagship Farmers is a programme run by McDonalds, bringing farmers and breeders from around the world together.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Safeworks 2020 competition

Safeworks is a competition aimed at promoting employees’ adherence to safety rules at work. Its goal is also to raise awareness of safe behaviours and engage workers in the process of creating a safe work environment.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Books, puzzles and games for hospitals and orphanages

Purchase department of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS funded books, puzzles and games for 17 children’s hospital wards and orphanages from Poland.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Caring for the environment competition

World Environment Day is celebrated on June, 5th worldwide.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Supporting local communities

Supporting local communities is one of initiatives that OSI FOLAND FOODWORKS eagerly engages in. COVID-19 pandemic has left many individuals in desperate need of help, so we couldn’t just sit by and watch.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Face masks and medical kits for all employees

For the sake of our health, OSI GROUP and OSI POLAND FOODWORKS employees and our subcontractors have been given medical kits including priority health products, e.g. hand sanitizers.

OSI Poland Foodworks - A word of thanks

For the past few weeks, with our combined strength, we have been doing our best to make our plant function without any problems. The epidemic forces us to take countless additional steps, which are not always easy, but are meant to protect our health.

OSI Poland Foodworks - National Battery Day

Observed each year on February 18th, the day serves to appreciate the convenience batteries provide to our everyday lives by enabling smooth functioning of numerous portable devices.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Conference in Węgierki

A conference organized by OSI POLAND FOODWORKS, whose main subject matter was animal welfare, took place on February 27 in Węgierki in the Wielkopolska Voivodship.

OSI Poland Foodworks - We support a foundation!

a partner of the Duda Family Foundation of name Maksymilian Duda!

OSI Poland Foodworks - Christmas carol concert in Witoszyce

On the Friday afternoon of January 24th, at the school and kindergarten complex
in Witoszyce Christmas carol competition took place. It was sixteenth edition of the competition, which every year involves children and youth from the region.
OSI POLAND FOODWORKS took a part in the event as a sponsor and a strategic partner.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Plastic Bag-Free Day

January 23th is a plastic packaging-free day in Poland. To celebrate this occasion the marketing department of the OSI POLAND FOODWORKS was giving out OSI’s branded cotton bags.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Company Christmas celebration

In accordance with the tradition of the OSI POLAND FOODWORKS on the 18th December, all employees of the plant in Chróścina met together to celebrate company Christmas meeting.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Socializing events

December is a month of waiting for Christmas and period of socializing events. It’s a superb chance to meet associates in different circumstances, improve communication and entertain.

OSI Poland Foodworks - The secret guest in Chróścina

As everyone knows 6th December is Saint Nicolas Day! This feast day is celebrated all around the world since the ninth century. Traditionally, Santa Claus also visited OSI POLAND FOODWORKS and left gifts for polite children of our employees.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Meeting with breeders in Bobolice

On last Tuesday, an industrial and instructional meeting of breeders took place in Bobolice, nearby Mieszałki where we have our collection centre. The conference entitled “Good breeding practices – importance and principles of animal welfare.”

OSI Poland Foodworks - First aid course

At the 30th November employees of our plant in Chróścina attended a daylong first aid course. Participants represented various departments, such as: administration, sales, slaughtering and deboning.

OSI Poland Foodworks - The Spartakiad in Witoszyce

Pure joy, competitiveness, and warm applause – it could be a shortened description of the IV Preschooler’s Spartakiad that took a place at Primary School and Kindergarten Complex in Witoszyce on 14th November. It is another consecutive year of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS’s participation in such an event as a co-organizer and a sponsor.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Animal welfare in the transportation process

On October 26, in Skorzęcin a conference on animal welfare in the processes of loading, transportation and unloading was held. All transport companies cooperating with OSI POLAND FOODWORKS and our purchase department employees took part in the event.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Global Handwashing Day

October 15 is Global Handwashing Day, established by the United Nations in 2008 as a campaign for global education on the subject of hand hygiene.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Anuga

The world's largest and most important food industry fair, Anuga, took place from 6 to 9 October in Cologne, Germany. This year's edition was unique because the event celebrated its 100th birthday!

OSI Poland Foodworks - Run along „Dziczek” in Góra

„Dziczek run” was organized last Sunday. The sixth edition of this sports event attracted enthusiasts of all ages, from preschoolers to senior citizens.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Farewell to summer fair season during Agro Show 2019

The largest outdoor agricultural show in Europe took place on September 19-22 in Bednary near Poznań. For the representatives of the purchase department of FOODWORKS it was the last fair event this year.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Food Safety Fairs

Food safety is a fundamental prerequisite for functioning of our production. In brief, food safety means all actions undertaken during all stages of food production and food marketing, the aim of which is to ensure health and life of consumers.

OSI Poland Foodworks - „Holiday Postcard” Campaign

Holiday time is slowly coming to an end, which means that school is about to start! We have organized a Campaign for all children of the employees of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS production plant.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Farming sector fairs

Last weekend the representatives of the purchase department of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS were guests to two events of the farming sector, National Dairy Farm Day in Kietrz and Agricultural Fair Agro Pomerania held in Barzkowice.

OSI Poland Foodworks - OSI FOODWORKS Team in Run with the Police

The tenth edition of Run with the Police event took place on August 31st.
260 competitors including OSI POLAND FOODWORKS Team of 5 members ran along the streets of Góra.

OSI Poland Foodworks - School starter kit for Chróścina

The end of August spells nothing but coming back to school! As every year, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS funded school starter kits for children from Chróścina. Fifty-five students, who start their school education on September 2, received packages with school supplies.

OSI Poland Foodworks - OSI POLAND FOODWORKS successful in Dublin!

Another, fifth edition of the prestigious competition World Steak Challenge is over!

OSI Poland Foodworks - Carpooling in OSI

June at OSI was marked by a new campaign for Carpool. What does Carpooling stand for? Concisely, it is an idea of travelling together to a workplace by sharing a car.

OSI Poland Foodworks - OSI Poland Foodworks in Szepietowo

Representatives of the purchase department of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS spent the last, hot weekend of June at the 26th Regional Exhibition of Breeding Animals and Agricultural Advisory Days in Szepietowo.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Next stages of managerial staff training

Managers and supervisors working for the production plant in Chróścina have been participating in a managerial staff training consisting of four modules since June 2018. In 2019 on June 9-10, group B completed the third module of training, whereas on June 16-17, group A completed the entire cycle of training sessions during its last fourth part.

OSI Poland Foodworks - Environment Day with OSI

World Environment Day is commemorated on June 5th. OSI POLAND FOODWORSKS took this opportunity and on June 12-13th workshops were organized for all students of Primary School and Kindergarten Complex in Witoszyce, the subject matter of which concerned waste segregation.

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