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World Environment Day is celebrated on June, 5th worldwide.

To commemorate it, our company organised a competition for the employees’ children. Each child participating in the competition was supposed to depict how they care for the environment.The results showed that our children segregate waste; opt for a bike or rollerblades, instead of a car; save water; collect rainwater; plant trees and bushes; compost household waste and build water stations for bees.

 As we all know, every little helps, it is therefore crucial to encourage good habits in children, especially those related to the environment.

Here, at OSI POLAND FOODWORKS are fully aware of the environmental impact people generate. We never cease to implement solutions aimed at improving our achievements related to saving energy and protecting the environment. We organize workshops for children and teens; we promote carpooling, carefully segregate waste, and collect used batteries. We have also purchased water filter dispensers and are trying to cut down on the amount of paper used.

      Whenever you are doing great things, start with the small        ones - Laozi

Caring for the environment competition

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