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Taking care of our own health, the environment and supporting charity activities are three important goals that we pursued by joining the nationwide Rower Pomaga (Bicycle helps) campaign. We travelled 13,000 km together!

The rules were simple. Using the appropriate app, the employees participating in the project over the last three months registered their bicycle trips, reported them to the marketing department, and the kilometres increased the account belonging to the nationwide campaign. The more kilometres, the more bicycles will go to orphanages and social organizations.

Cycling could take place at any time. Some of the employees converted the car to a bicycle and travelled to work on two wheels. There was a healthy competition among the participants, because in addition to supporting charity activities, people with the best results received gift vouchers to be redeemed in a popular chain of sports stores.

The whole three-month competition was won by Karol Musielak - head of the maintenance department, with a score of 3,751 km. The second place went to Mariusz Lasota from the quality department, with a result of 3,458 km. The last place on the podium was taken by Mikołaj Naskrent - an IT specialist, who covered a total of 2,460 km.

Congratulations on your impressive results!

This is the 6th edition of Rower Pomaga. In the last five years, 283 bikes have been given to charity, and over 80,000 people participated in the action! Anyone can help. How? Get on the bike!

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