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At the 30th November employees of our plant in Chróścina attended a daylong first aid course. Participants represented various departments, such as: administration, sales, slaughtering and deboning.

The course consisted of three sections. The first section regarded responding in life-threatening situations of the other person. Every one of us has a duty to rescue (to some extent) a person in a hazardous situation! So-called chain of survival begins with calling appropriate emergency services. It’s the very first step in saving someone’s life and health. Participants went through a risky situation simulation carried out on phantoms. Firstly, they had to assess the health state of an injured person, then call appropriate rescue services and finally start the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation.

The second stage’s goal was to learn basics of diagnosing and proper ways of reacting at various injuries including bone fractures, haemorrhage and hurting. After an interesting talk, everyone had an opportunity to dress simulated wounds and to try the Heimlich manoeuvre which can save a life in the case of choking.

Last but not least topic took a closer look at cases of blackouts. At this stage, our employees also learned how to behave if someone has symptoms such as: suffocation, vomiting or stomach ache.

The course, in general, helped participants to refresh their knowledge and gain confidence in an emergency. Besides complex and professional tips on how to behave, participants became aware of how important is to act wisely and fast, because every second is worth its weight in gold.

First aid course

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