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December is a month of waiting for Christmas and period of socializing events. It’s a superb chance to meet associates in different circumstances, improve communication and entertain.

Series of meetings began at November with livestock warehouse employees who went to the cinema and had a chance to spend time together during a dinner at Pub Cegla & Whisky Bar in Leszno. On the Saint Nicholas Day, the departments of purchasing and settlement took a part in Christmas decoupage workshop with wooden reindeers to paint. The meeting finished with a Dinner at the Motel Grand.

Bartek, Tomek, Adam and Jacek from the slaughtering department used the opportunity to taste pizzas at Pizzeria Mafia in Leszno. A week after, the maintenance department had a fierce play at bowling. On the same day, departments of logistics and shipping met at the Ranch in Radosław.

The last teams that decided to meet and integrate were accounting and administration. At 17th December employees of those departments met at the Restaurant No1 in Leszno, where the smell of Christmas dishes and sound of carols reminded that Christmas is just around the corner.

Such socializing events have countless benefits! It helps to unite a team, improve communication, adapt newcomers and know each other more privately.

Socializing events

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