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On October 26, in Skorzęcin a conference on animal welfare in the processes of loading, transportation and unloading was held. All transport companies cooperating with OSI POLAND FOODWORKS and our purchase department employees took part in the event.

The first part of the meeting dealt with notification of livestock delivery. Dominik Skorupiński, logistics specialist in our purchase department, presented good practices applicable in the process of animal transportation, binding legal regulations, committed infringements and the significance of delivery notification time. Then, Izabela Stefanowska, quality assurance specialist, covered in detail and characterized animals, which are fit and not fit for transportation. Her presentation was prepared based primarily on the guidelines arising from national regulations, as well as internal regulations of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS.

Besides the employees of our company, Rafał Banasiuk – the regional animal protection inspector, took part in the conference, where he discussed the following topics: cattle behavior, the influence of handling animals during transportation on the quality of meat, cattle preparation for transport, assessment of cattle fitness for transportation, handling during loading and unloading, and existing transportation requirements.

On a daily basis, we work to ensure that the products offered by OSI POLAND FOODWORKS are of the highest quality. Livestock loading and unloading are key moments, which determine animal fitness for slaughter, at the same time guaranteeing production continuity. Organizing conferences and trainings is our tool to raise awareness among all persons involved in the production process working together on the joint success of our company.

Animal welfare in the transportation process

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